Executes a package.

Namespace: SSIS.Test
Assembly: SSIS.Test (in SSIS.Test.dll) Version: (


void ExecutePackage(
	string repositoryName,
	string packageName
Visual Basic
Sub ExecutePackage ( _
	repositoryName As String, _
	packageName As String _
Visual C++
void ExecutePackage(
	String^ repositoryName, 
	String^ packageName


Type: System..::..String
Name of the repository where the package is loaded.
Type: System..::..String
Name identifier of a package to execute. If a package is loaded from file system, the name corresponds to the package file name (e.g. MyPackageFile.dtsx). If a package is loaded from dts or sql server, the name must be the same as the name under which the package is saved on dts or sql server.

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