Loads unit tests from the calling assembly. Before this method is executed, all repositories and packages that are referenced in unit tests must be loaded by using LoadPackages(String, String). After this method finished, ExecuteUnitTests()()()() or ExecuteUnitTest(Type) can be called to execute tests. Use this method, if you want to load tests for a specific repository only.

Namespace: SSIS.Test
Assembly: SSIS.Test (in SSIS.Test.dll) Version: (


int LoadRepositoryUnitTests(
	string repositoryName
Visual Basic
Function LoadRepositoryUnitTests ( _
	repositoryName As String _
) As Integer
Visual C++
int LoadRepositoryUnitTests(
	String^ repositoryName


Type: System..::..String
Name of a reporsitory to load tests from.

Return Value

Count of loaded unit tests.

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